Concrete Reasons Why Jatco Flanged Test Cylinder Molds Are the Very Best Value.

Flanged top design preferred by many professionals

  • Improves rigidity
  • Easier to grasp and pick up
  • Keeps cylinder round, even without a lid
  • Lids fit tighter
  • Maintains specimen shape
  • Provides for trowelled surface

Made from post-consumer recycled plastic

  • Environmentally conscience
  • Priced for excellent value

Available in standard gray or custom colors

  • Gray for easy mark-on
  • Custom colors for corporate identity

Standard concrete molds meet ASTM C470-94 and C180-94 standards.

Rib-reinforced bottom

  • Adds strength, durability

Available in most-popular 6×12 and 4×8 sizes

Manufactured at a site close to you

  • Minimizes freight costs
  • Adds convenience, dependability

Combination pricing cuts costs, extends value

  • Order 36 cases of 6x12s and get the third price break on any other product ordered concurrently

Custom printing on both front and back sides

  • Advertising messages, company logos, corporate identity
  • Job information, site identification, etc.

Mold stripping tools also available

  • Makes sample removal quick and easy

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Available with or without tight-fit lid
Lids for JATCO flanged test cylinder molds are domed and provide for a “trowelled” surface. A manual stripping tool is also available. This heavy-duty tool is 19” long and features a strong plastic handle for years of trouble-free use.

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