Post Tension Chairs

JATCO Post Tension Chairs are produced from 100% recycled materials. Their unique design (patent pending) offers these advantages:

  • Dual height engineering allows our product to be used for both 4” and 5” slabs. One chair accommodates two different cable heights, eliminating the need for stocking two chair sizes.
  • Self locking feature locks cable into place quickly and easily eliminating the need for time consuming wire ties.
  • Patented dual support design for intersectional and linear support of lower cable at 2” and 2 ½” heights with self locking cable positioning. Accurate cable positioning helps to eliminate slabs from cupping, bowing, rippling and cable break-outs.
  • Accommodates ½” post tension cables.
  • Large reinforced, rounded base eliminates tipping and Visqeen damage.
  • No void design allows complete concrete fill-in during pour.
  • Light weight for easy handling and reduces shipping costs over alternative products.
Case Quantity Price/Case Price/Each
1-10 $154.00 $0.44
11-20 $147.00 $0.42
21+ $140.00 $0.40